Karin Stein

Dr. Karin Stein

Úvodní slovo předsedkyně NATO SCI-295 WG je v tuto chvíli k dispozici pouze v angličtině

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The primary goal of any security and defense policy is to ensure the safety and protection of soldiers and civilians. Detection and protection system have to deal with asymmetric threats and also with technologically sophisticated opponents. In recent years the concepts to achieve platform protection are getting more and more complex. A successful response to new challenges requires the application of a wide range of new technologies in order to identify and combat threats at an early stage. Rapid technological developments establish new possibilities for the detection and identification of threats and the protection of soldiers and platforms.

The Future Forces Forum provides a unique opportunity to discuss current and future needs of the armed and security forces. Exhibition, workshops and conferences will bring together scientists, engineers and military personnel. The agenda contains interesting presentations on innovative technologies and new devices. An impressive number of international experts both from the military and the academia will share their knowledge.

I am convinced that the FFF will offer many opportunities to network with colleagues from a variety of disciplines in academia, industry, and government from all over the world.

With best wishes for the success of the Future Forces Forum project, I am looking forward to this meeting and many fruitful discussions.

See you in Prague!

Dr. Karin STEIN
Member at large for camouflage, concealment and deception of the Systems Concepts and Integration (SCI) Panel, NATO STO


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