Jan Husák

Col Jan Husák

Dear Sirs, Ladies, Gentlemen,

Let me provide you initial information concerning Logistics Capability Conference (LCC), which is one of the significant activities of the Multinational Logistics Coordination Centre (MLCC) in the Year 2018.

LCC is projected to bring together international logistic community to discuss modern military capabilities that Alliance will require in the future. As logistics is an integral part of NATO strategic concept range of topics is also built to address issues related to the current defence and security situation from logistics perspective.

LCC is a great platform to show current and future military technologies in logistic area. It is designed not only for servicemen, but also for civilian professionals dealing with defence and security matters, particularly representatives of industry, science, research and education.

Our intention is to highlight the need for interoperability, the need for deeper cooperation with science and research to eliminate current and future threats. Topics and speaker´s composition corresponds to the representation of all stakeholders in defence and security elements, including national and international organizations.

LCC is founded on our experience from conducting multinational logistic exercises focusing on standardization and interoperability. It is an honour to me to be a chairman of Logistics Capability Conference. I am confident we will deliver meaningful outcomes and our effort will encourage international community to support multinational solutions in logistics.

In conclusion, to emphasize the importance of LCC, allow me to quote ancient Chinese general, military strategist, writer, and philosopher Sun Tzu "The line between disorder and order lies in logistics…"

Col Jan Husák
Director of Multinational Logistics Coordination Centre
Logistics Capability Conference Chairman




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