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Medical Conference


The FFF MEDICAL Conference would like to follow up on previoius successful editions. As of today, we are facing evolving threats from both state and non-state actors. The latest military invasion in Ukraine, dramatic spread of Covid-19 pandemic within last three years, cyber-attacks on some soft/non-military targets, continuous refugee migration, etc. have demonstrated that national/EU/NATO resilience is not anymore only a military responsibility but that we shall focus on the whole society capabilities.

Civil-military cooperation and crisis preparedness of all stakeholders within medical areas have been proven essential, after security challenges over the world during past years, during past 2 years when almost the whole world population has been facing unprecedented pandemic situation.

The latest invasion of Ukraine territory and military conflict between RUSSIA and UKRAINE put in the foreground the area of medical emergency and battlefield medicine. A victim in a life-threatening situation is a big challenge for medical services especially in cases that assistance is to be provided in conditions that threaten rescuers.

The event provides ideal platform for sharing the latest information in the field of battlefield medicine, resilience of our society and crisis management among subject matter experts within NATO Nations/Partners, EU and non-EU members.


The MEDICAL Conference 2022 will focus on the following areas:


BG Zoltán BUBENÍK, MD – Director, Military Medicine Division, CZE; Ex-Chairman, Committee of the Chiefs of Military Medical Services in NATO (COMEDS)
COL (GS) Petr KRÁL, MD – Director, Medical Services and Development Department, Military Medicine Division
COL Radoslav KRUPKA, MD – Deputy Director, Military Health Institute Prague, CZE
COL (GS) Hynek SCHVACH, PhD – Head, Faculty of Military Health Sciences, Department of Military Service Organization and Management, University of Defence, CZE
COL (GS) Tomáš DĚDÁK – Medical Services and Development Department, Military Medicine Division, CZE


Wednesday, 19 October 2022

Arrival, Individual Programme or Participation in the FFF 2022

09.30 17.00

Future Forces Exhibition

10.00 17.00

Future of Cyber Conference - Panel Discussions, Workshops, Live Hacking Zone, Cyber Escape Room

09.30 10.30

FFF Opening Ceremony (invited guests only)

10.30 12.15

Future Forces Exhibition Tour / Networking

12.15 12.30

VIP Group Photo

12.30 13.30

Lunch (Speakers and VIP delegates in the VIP Lounge)

13.30 16.00

Future Forces Conference – Strategic Session

13.30 14.50

Future of Cyber Conference – C5ISTAR Panel Discussion

16.15 17.00

Generals Club - Networking of senior Armed & Security Forces officers and VIPs

17.00 22.00

FFF Party (VIPs and invited guests only)


Thursday, 20 October 2022


Morning Session | 09.00 – 12.15

08.00 08.50

Registration of Participants

08.50 09.00

Welcome Speech by BG Zoltan Bubenik (CZE) – Surgeon General

09.00 09.45

Keynote by BG (Ret.) Erwin Dhondt, MD (BEL) – Former Director General Health & Wellbeing of the Belgian Defence

09.45 10.00

COL (GS) Milos Bohoněk, PhD. (CZE) – The Use of dried plasma in hemostatic resuscitation in pre-hospital care and combat settings

10.00 10.15

Dipl-Eng Miroslav Bureš, Ph.D. (CZE) – Sensor Networks and Vital Signs Monitoring in Military Medicine

10.15 10.30

LTC Zoltán Toth (HUN) – The Doctrinal Concerns and Interoperability Challenges of Military Pre-hospital (Emergency) Medicine

10.30 10.45

Block I – Questions and Discussion

10.45 11.00

Coffee Break

11.00 11.15

BG Stefan Kowitz, MBA (DEU) – MMCC/EMC an unique medical coordinating entity and medical wargaming hub

11.15 11.30

COL Bernd Beuermann (DEU) – Multi-domain Operations from the perspective of the digitalization of the Bundeswehr Medical Service

11.30 11.45

Dalibor Prochazka (CZE) – Modelling and Simulation of Casualties Flow in high intensity conflicts

11.45 12.00

CAPT (N) Charles Wilson – Human Performance Modification – Operational Medicine Applications and Implications

12.00 12.15

Block II – Questions and Discussion

12.15 13.30

Lunch (Speakers and VIPs in the VIP Lounge)

Afternoon Session | 13.30 – 17.45

13.30 14.15

BG (Res.) Abraham Bachar (ISR) – Crisis Management as part of the National Resilience

14.15 14.30

CPT Van Innis (BEL) – COVID-19 – Contribution of the Belgian Military Hospital to the national vaccination strategy

14.30 14.45

COL Zoltan Vekerdi, PhD. (HUN) – NATO MILMED COE´s Approach to Enabling Future Forces through Medical Training

14.45 15.00

MAJ Agnes Gyorfy – Behavioural Emergencies Suicide Attempts, Crisis, Auto-heteragression, Psychological Shock and their handling in Military Operations

15.00 15.15

Mr. Sandis Kondrats – Advanced Modelling and Simulation, Innovative Training Technology

15.15 15.30

Block III – Questions and Discussion

15.30 16.00

Coffee Break incl. Refreshment

16.00 16.15

COL Kostiantyn Gumeniuk, PhD (UKR) – Military surgery is the "quiet" front of the war in Ukraine. What helps us win the battle for human lives?

16.15 16.30

Oksana Popova (UKR) – Emergency training for medics during the war. Why, when and how. Experience of war in Ukraine. 

16.30 17.30

Panel Discussion




BG Zoltan Bubenik (CZE) – Surgeon General




BG Stefan Kowitz, MBA (DEU) – Director Multinational Medical Coordination Centre / European Medical Command (MMCC/EMC)




COL Angelika Niggemayer-Groben (DEU) – Deputy Director and Chief of Staff, NATO MILMED COE




BG (Ret.) Erwin Dhondt, MD (BEL) – Former Director General Health & Wellbeing of the Belgian Defence

17.30 17.45

Closure of the day by BG Zoltan Bubenik (CZE) 


All speakers gain VIP status which includes:
  • Delegate Pass to FFF Expert Events and Exhibition
  • FFF Catalogue
  • Access to the Speakers’ Lounge in the Conference Area
  • Lunch provided in the VIP Lounge (on the day of the presentation only)
  • Invitation to the FFF Hangar Party on 19 October 2022
  • Abstract title
  • Name of the FFF expert panel
  • Author(s) and short professional CV(s), contact email and phone number, photo(s)
  • Abstract (between 150 and 200 words)
Authors are requested to send abstracts by email to [email protected] Please submit your abstract as a Microsoft Word document and your photo as a separate JPG or PNG file. All speakers will be listed on the FFF website.


  • Abstract Submission 31 August 2022 (later submissions may be accepted on individual basis)
  • Notification of Acceptance No later than one week after receiving
  • Full Paper Submission 30 September 2022
  • Audience online Registration 12 October 2022


You are welcome to attend and participate in the conference, even if you do not present a Paper. However, it is mandatory for all individuals to register online.


Armed and security forces, governmental or international organisations, local authorities, public research & development and academia
Presentation 1 000 EUR (FFF exhibitors and partners)


All delegates are welcome to attend the FFF 2022 expert panels FREE OF CHARGE (online registration mandatory) 


Further information will be published continuously.

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