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The NATO M&S COE is dedicated to the promotion of M&S in support of operational requirements, training and interoperability. The Centre acts as a catalyst for transformation through the involvement of NATO, governments, academia, industry, operational and training entities, by improving the networking of NATO and nationally owned M&S systems, the cooperation between nations and organisations through the sharing of M&S information and developments and serving as an international source of expertise for transformation in the related domain.


Inter-domain and Multi-disciplinary exchange of Knowledge within Modelling & Simulation and Robotics communities of interest.
MESAS’18 is a three-day conference organized by the NATO Modelling and Simulation Centre of Excellence within the FUTURE FORCES FORUM. The event will gather fully recognized experts from different domains: Military, Academia and Industry.
Don’t miss the opportunity to present your work, results and insight during MESAS’18, send us your presentation abstract and share your knowledge with leading experts.
Take the opportunity to enhance visibility of your company, take a look to Exhibition Opportunities and Partnership Opportunities within the FUTURE FORCES FORUM to understand how to enter the family of MESAS’18 supporters and visionaries.


NATO M&S COE requests all interested researchers and technicians of academic, industrial or military research centers to send an abstract to be evaluated by members of MESAS’18 Technical Program Committee. Authors of approved abstracts will be asked to prepare a full paper following the Springer template, then to present the paper during the MESAS’18 Conference.
Presentations will be ran in plenary and parallel sessions. Full papers selected by the Scientific Committee will be Included in the post conference proceedings. Previous MESAS proceedings are indexed in the ISI Conference Proceedings Citation Indes – Science (CPCI-S) and EI Engineering Index (Compendex and Inspec databases).
Following the outcomes of previous editions and towards new directions, main topics for 2018 are:
Swarming – R&D and Application
  • Multi-robot Systems
  • Robotic Swarms, Benefits, Threats, and Challenges
  • Distributed Control for Multi-robot Systems
  • Robust Decision Making via Cooperative Estimation  
  • Relevant Concepts and Experiments
  • Concepts and Visions of Future Warfare and Application
  • M&S in Capability Evaluation of Robotic Swarms
  • Co-simulation Tools for Multi-domain Analysis
  • Effectiveness, Reliability, and Cyber-Security Issues
Future Challenges of Advanced M&S Technology
  • Key Challenges of the Research and Development
  • Capability Dev. in Context of Future Ops and Social Environment
  • Man versus Computer, Advanced M&S Projects
  • Future Technology and Impact on Society 
M&S of Intelligent Systems – AI, R&D and Application
  • Autonomous Tactical Behaviour
  • Math Modelling and Simulation of AI Tasks
  • RT Issue and Reality Gaps in Context of New AI Concepts, M&S of Future Operational Tasks
AxS in Context of Future Warfare and Security Environment (Concepts, Applications, Training, Interoperability, etc.)
  • Autonomous Systems Strategy and Concept Develop. and Implementation in all Domains of Operation
  • Advances in AI and its Impact on Future Operations
  • The Role of the Robots and Foot Soldier in the Future Operations
  • Security, Use of AxS as Lethal Instruments, Safety of Aviation
  • Ethical, Psychological, Legal and Operational Aspects, CIMIC
  • Cyber Security (in Context of AxS an their Applications)


Call for Papers: March 2018
Abstract Submission Closure: 15 May 2018 (later submissions may be accepted on individual basis)
Notification of Acceptance: 15 April 2018
Full Paper Submission: 05 August 2018
Review: 09 September 2018


Day 1 Wednesday, 17 October 2018
08.30 - 09.20 Registration
09.30 - 12.00 MESAS 2018 Morning Session
12.00 - 13.30 Lunch, Future Forces Exhibition Tour, Networking
13.30 - 16.00 Common Discussion Forum with Multi-domain Advanced Robotic Systems Conference (MARS) – Strategic Approach
16.00 - 17.00 Future Forces Exhibition Tour
Day 2 Thursday, 18 October 2018
08.30 - 09.20 Registration
09.30 - 12.00 MESAS 2018 Morning Session
12.00 - 14.00 Lunch, Future Forces Exhibition Tour, Networking, MARS Conference
14.00 - 16.00 MESAS 2018 Afternoon Session
16.00 - 17.00 Social Event for Speakers
Day 3 Friday, 19 October 2018
08.30 - 09.20 Registration
09.30 - 12.00 MESAS 2018 Morning Session
12.00 - 16.00 Future Forces Exhibition Tour, Networking


Authors are requested to send abstracts only via the MESAS 2018 link to the SPRINGER CONFERENCE SERVICE SYSTEM.


When submitting the full paper via Springer OCS system, please use the following instruction and templates requested by LNCS Series Producer. Please refer to this example of the full paper. The accepted formats and particular templates:



Online registration form for speakers and presenters is available at the NATO M&S COE MESAS 2018 website. Key speakers are welcome to present free of charge.

Article presentation/publication in conference proceedings + FFF Hangar Party EARLY BIRD 100 EUR From 01 August 2018 120 EUR
Article presentation/publication in conference proceedings EARLY BIRD 80 EUR From 01 August 2018 100 EUR


Online registration of audience is available at the FFF events registration.


Adriano FAGIOLINI - MESAS'18 General Chair; Assistant Professor, University of Palermo, ITA
CAPT (Navy) Vincenzo MILANO (ITA) - NATO M&S COE Director
LTC (Army) Jason M. Jones (USA) - MESAS'18 Event Director; NATO M&S COE Deputy Director
      LTC Jan MAZAL, Ph.D. - MESAS'18 Event Manager; Doctrine Education and Training Branch Chief, NATO
     Petr STODOLA - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Chair; Associate Prof., Sr. Researcher, Dept. of Tactics, University of Defence, CZE
Ronald C. ARKIN - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member; Regents' Professor and Director of the Mobile Robot Laboratory, College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Lucia PALLOTTINO - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Antonio BICCHI - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Erdal CAYIRCI - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Agostino G. BRUZZONE - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Vaclav HLAVAC - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Fumin ZHANG - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Ludek ZALUD - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Premysl VOLF - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Jiri VOKRINEK - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Petr VASIK - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Martin SASKA - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Milan ROLLO - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Jan ROHAC - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Paolo PROIETTI - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Josef PROCHAZKA - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Libor PREUCIL - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Vaclav PRENOSIL - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Dalibor PROCHAZKA - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Luca BASCETTA - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Richard BALOGH - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Andrea D'AMBROGIO - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Jan FAIGL - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Jan FARLIK - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Pavel FOLTIN - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Petr FRANTIS - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Kamila HASILOVA - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Jan HODICKY - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Jan HOLUB - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Jaroslav HRDINA - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Piotr KOSIUCZENKO - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Vaclav KRIVANEK - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Miroslav KULICH - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Corrado Guarino LO BIANCO - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Pavel MANAS - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Pierpaolo MURRIERI - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Radomir SCUREK - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member
Marcin SOSNOWSKI - MESAS'18 Technical Programme Committe Member


We are pleased to offer you accommodation in our contracted hotels. We recommend the hotel International 4* from where we arrange transfers to PVA EXPO PRAHA and back in certain times as well as to FFF Hangar Party.
In case you need any assistance, please contact Mrs. Pavla Sebestova at [email protected] or by phone at +420 602 373 800.





Business attire or military uniform (no camouflage).


LTC Jan Mazal, Ph.D. - MESAS'18 Event Manager; Doctrine Education and Training Branch Chief, NATO M&S COE, NATO 
Alberto Pasqualini - NATO M&S COE
Roberto Belloni - NATO M&S COE
MESAS Event Manager
Tel.: +39 3666 9738 25

Further information will be added continuously.

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