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17. 10. 2018
Diskusní fórum - strategická úroveň:
18. - 19. 10. 2018
Tematické panely - operační úroveň:
  • SURVIVABILITY: Readiness, Protection, Endurance, Identification Friend or Foe, Concealment
    • Key Topics: Ballistics & Fragmentation, Flame & Flash Protection, Climatic Conditions
  • SUSTAINABILITY: Power, Special Equipment, Health Monitoring, First Aid
    • Key Topics: Power/data connectors, Power harvesting, Energy storage, Health Monitoring and Care Provision
  • LETHALITY: Weapons, Non-Lethal Weapons, Sensors, Ammunition
    • Key Topics: Weapons and Optics, Small & Training Ammunition, Sensors, Lasers & Night Vision Devices, Non-lethal Systems & Weapons
  • MOBILITY: Soldier Burden, Combat Effectiveness, Terrain Orientation, Navigation Systems
    • Key Topics: Soldier Burden, Load-carrying Systems, Exoskeletons, Orientation & Navigation
  • C4ISTAR: C4ISTAR and Architecture, Receiving, Processing, Storing, Distributing Information
    • Key Topics: Relationship between C2 and ISTAR; Compact/seamless data flow in C4ISTAR; Technical solution in data distribution and data storing in ISTAR process; Target Acquisition – the roles of ISR units and tactical level units; The ISR data fusion on operational level; Visualisation of ISTAR data


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