Jiří Hynek

Jiří Hynek

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

it is my great honour to welcome you after two years again in Prague at the 14th Future Forces Forum – International Platform for Trends and Technologies in defence and security. The defence and security industry, as well as perhaps all other industries, as well as lives and daily activities of all of us, were influenced by the covid-19 pandemic and the associated draconian measures around the world, from the beginning of this year.

For many areas of the defence and security industry, these interventions are almost liquidating. That is why I welcome any opportunity that will once again help revitalize and kick-start not only this sector. Also, I consider the FFF to be a very beneficial platform, the uniqueness of which consists in the possibility of looking at the field of defence and security from various perspectives. The FFF enables the meeting and networking of experts from many different and specific areas of defence and security in one place. Traditionally, I welcome the opportunity to present the Czech defence and security industry, which has a very good reputation in the world. Besides, many companies are involved in managing the pandemic through their focus on science, research and innovation, and new technologies. It is great that the FFF is also regularly visited by foreign experts, thanks to which there exists an interaction between them and representatives of the domestic defence and security industry. Again, I expect space for several interesting seminars, conferences, or meetings of expert groups and other opportunities for quality and beneficial discussion.

The definition of security is changing, evolving, and including an increasing number of new threats from year to year. Terms such as cybersecurity or hybrid warfare have almost become commonplace. Although the Czech Republic has been ranked at the top of various rankings as one of the safest countries in the world for many years, this does not mean that the effort for our security can be slowed down or not taken care of. In today's globalized world, there are many security threats and challenges that need to be addressed in a timely and effective manner. Appropriate prevention can help prevent the negative consequences of an injudicious security policy. Moreover, as we have seen in managing the covid-19 pandemic, the European Union and other transnational structures are not very effective in terms of security, so there is a need for nation states to be responsible for their security.

Today, this requires, in particular, an increase of investments in science, research, and innovation. The development of new technologies and their use is key to maintaining competitiveness in world markets. I am proud that Czech companies are among the world leaders in terms of technological progress and product quality in international markets.

I am convinced that, despite the current difficult situation, the FFF will provide all stakeholders with the necessary information on innovation and new technologies, development, and research in the defence and security industry, including investment and business opportunities, and will serve as a good opportunity for networking and getting new contacts.


President of the Defence and Security Industry Association (DSIA)

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