Jan Cirek

Jan Círek

Ladies and gentlemen,

welcome this year to the GEOMETOC and GNSS Conference following successfully performed GEOMETOC Workshop during Future Forces Forum Exposition 2016.

The schema of the GEOMETOC and GNSS conference 2018 is partially different to the 2016 event and also a message and focus of all speakers is directed to Environmental and Technological risks, minimization of disaster impacts and to the Crisis prevention and preparedness.

The interest for GEOMETOC and GNSS Conference development demonstrated during the GEOMETOC WS 2016 was the engine to continue in our work and provide any potential visitor with a follow-up event. I personally believe the GEOMETOC and GNSS Conference 2018 will be a successful imaginary chapter in the FFF Exposition 2018 book.

This year the GEOMETOC Conference will consist of a plenary part on 17th OCT with pertaining strategic information, followed on 18th OCT with more detailed presentations in the area of Geography, Meteorology. The Conference will be concluded on 19th OCT with papers specialized to GNSS topics.

The entire program and nomination of speakers in all above mentioned branches is not limited to the defense and security impacts only. The intention was to stress the importance of other areas (i.e. financial, traveling sectors) as well. Therefore, GEOMETOC and GNSS conference offers to all a chance to share and find solution by increasing cooperation amongst all parties.

I am honored to chair the GEOMETOC and GNSS Conference 2018 and let me express here my sincere thanks to all who participated at the preparation of the Conference. They performed a tremendous job indeed.

I maintain the opinion all speakers and presentations at the conference will address you and leave a deep experience with their great contemporary and future knowledge and technologies in respective branches. Moreover, I afford to assert, that the Conference is a unique opportunity to find key partners and solutions for your business demanding support from GEOMETOC area.

As traditionally, let me close my opening words with quotation of Sun Tzu (*544 BC, Ö496 BC)

"If I know the Air and the Ground as well, my Victory will be total."

COL Jan Círek Dipl. Eng.


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