Aleš Opata

Lieutenant General Aleš Opata

Dear participants in the Future Forces Forum,

I am pleased that after two years the Future Forces Forum project brings into Prague a unique opportunity for meetings and networking among leading Czech and international defence and security experts, politicians, diplomats, the military, academia, science, research and industry. That is also the case in 2018, when we commemorate the centenary of the establishment of the state of Czechoslovakia as well as 25 years of the existence of the Czech Republic.

In the context of global security developments, this year's edition of the Future Forces Forum showcases the modern shape of our armed forces. We focus specifically on communication systems, reconnaissance elements, unmanned and robotic technologies, electronic warfare assets and application of modern technologies in combat and support equipment. Individual services also have their dedicated displays. A special focus is traditionally on our national specialisation - protection against weapons of mass destruction, military medicine and logistic support.

The display of the Czech Armed Forces symbolically fuses into individual specialist conferences and workshops, which is where I believe the Future Forces Forum project brings in the highest value added. Networking among the Czech and international experts entering the domain of security technologies in individual phases of their life cycle from research and development, through manufacture, application and fielding, always yields productive discussions. That is fully in the context of our enduring endeavour to act as a positive, active and constructive international security player.

I would like to wish all visitors, organisers and guests of the Future Forces Forum project every success, much new inspiration and an enjoyable stay in Prague.

Lieutenant General Aleš Opata

Chief of General Staff Czech Armed Forces

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