Adrian Demeter

Mr. Adrian Demeter

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the Future of Cyber Conference – Future of Cyber. Deloitte as a global leader in several cyber security areas is proud to link knowledge from multiple business sectors with the defence sector and the critical infrastructure of states.

While cyber threats are present and real, the defence is to be already in place from prevention, through detection and to thorough further investigation. Even speaking about cyber security requires awareness that security is multidisciplinary and integration of non-IT disciplines with the cyber one is necessary. Simplifying the security down to a perimeter level only would be an easy target for cyber criminals. Developing a mature, advanced cyber risk program starts with investing in a balance of secure, vigilant, and resilient capabilities tailored to the organisation and aligned to its strategic goals.  

The scale of security areas to be covered is getting more complex by new technologies penetrating the environment. The Internet of Things and the Industry 4.0 initiative brings security enhancement to a large number of simple devices. The growing demand for distributed trust architecture without a central single authority opens discussions related to the Blockchain technologies. The use of advanced analytics such as predictive models or machine learning algorithms enables us to look towards the future or even bring light to dark spaces. Moreover, it is not only about the technology but also about the people participating in the security.

The cyber world is spreading more than globally. Currently space is getting closer to us and cyber topics reach satellites in orbit. Such interaction of ground and space open gateways to new horizons for technologies and security needs.

We, the Deloitte team, are happy to answer your questions and discuss your interests. We are looking forward to meeting you at the Future Forces Forum.

Adrian Demeter
Cyber Security Advisor, Deloitte

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