Tomáš Müller

Czech Republic

Mr. Tomáš Müller

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AFCEA Czech Chapter

Curriculum Vitae

Professional career: After graduating from Czech Technical University in Prague, he started in R&D with a focus on the development of telecommunication devices and applications for specialized and difficult environments. Since then, Tomas Muller has transitioned from a purely technical position to one in business and sales, with a specialization in the military, public safety and security sectors. At the present time, he is working for TTC TELEKOMUNIKACE, s.r.o. as a business unit director. 
Tomas Muller was AFCEA Czech Chapter vice-prezident for programme affairs from 2014 till 2016. In May this year, he was elected as president of AFCEA Czech Chapter, which has more than 125 individuals and collective members. In this role, his goal is to continue to bridge the gaps among ICT experts of the public, private and education sectors in order to more effectively ensure the safety and security of our nation and culture.


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