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pplk. Ing. Petr Šnajdárek

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Individual Systems Congress (FFISC) - International Industry Day 2018 MESAS 2018 - Modelling & Simulation for Autonomous Systems Conference Výstava Future Forces 2018

Rozvoj schopnosti elektronického boje, předseda C4ISTAR Panel, Future Forces Individual Systems Congress (FFISC)
Ministerstvo obrany - Generální štáb AČR


C4ISTAR & EW perspective

- NATO Doctrinal starting points

- Czech C4ISTAR & EW perspective 

- C4ISTAR & EW Tasks & Capabilities

- Network architecture of maneuvering units and combat support units to implement C4ISTAR.

Point of view of ACR within this presentation, we do not want to discuss about theoretical application of C4ISTAR and EW capabilities, but we would like to present the achieved operational outcomes of Czech implementation of C4ISTAR and EW in accordance with NATO doctrines and standards.

  • Knowing of the operational environment is critical for the commanders.
  • The importance of the information is growing and every commander should have some tools for collection of data and information. 
  • Nowadays the trend is to combine different collection capabilities mounted on the different platforms into one unit so-called ISR/STAR &EW unit.
  • The main task of this unit is to provide the information support to the commander during his decision making process and to the staff during the planning process.
  • The structure of ISR/STAR &EW unit enables to plan ISR and EW missions, to task and control of the organic ISR and EW assets.
  • Finally, the composed ISR unit has capabilities to collect, process and disseminate information in direct support of the commander´s decision making proces.

Curriculum Vitae


  • 1998 - 2003

University of Defence Brno

Master's degree in radiolocation and ELINT systems

  • 2008          

JFC HQ Brunssum, BI-SC Crisis Establishment Intelligence Course

  • 2012 - 2013

Distance course for senior officers / military management, defence planning process

 Professional experience:

During military career appointed to several specialized and staff positions in electronic warfare and reconnaissance units. Contributed to the process creation of the Czech Army Brigade Task Force dedicated for NATO joint operations. During two deployments to Afghanistan, gained invaluable operational experience in practical application of ISR capabilities in tactical units in interoperable environment.

Following the new trends aimed at enhancement of the Czech Army operational capabilities, participate on the process of the systematic implementation of the technical and technological components into combat unit structures to develop efficient and capable C4ISTAR system (Command Control Communications and Computers Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance).

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