Frank Klimaschewski


Mr. Frank Klimaschewski Ph.D.

Future Forces Forum World CBRN & MEDICAL Congress (CEBIRAM) 2018 Future Forces Exhibition 2018

Researcher / Lecturer / Consultant
Helmut-Schmidt University Hamburg


Emergency Readiness in the local Community – Developing A Learning Civilian Preparedness Network to Increase the Efficacy of Interagency Disaster Responses

Classical approaches to strategic planning often view local communities as passive recipients of the professional services provided by fire brigades, ambulances, police, military etc. However, numerous large-scale disasters have shown that civilians were forced to organize themselves in the midst of events since emergency services either, could not reach the location or, were simply overwhelmed and stretched beyond capacity. Early development of civilian emergency response capabilities and adaptability will play an important part in future learning communities. Systematic professional support of training and practice in various types of civilian organizations such as schools, churches and certain companies can potentially create a powerful self-help dynamic that supports the efficacy of interagency disaster response organisations. A pragmatic bottom-up approach coupled with a top-down professional support can help to create and establish a permanent civilian emergency preparedness culture currently absent in most countries, but needed in view of the many risk potentials facing societies today. Ongoing disaster risk assessments as well as regular improvement and training cycles together with emergency services followed by critical evaluations would contribute toward a successful growth of emergency readiness in the local community.

Curriculum Vitae

05/2009 - External Doctoral Candidate (Ph.D.), Department of Educational Science and Vocational Pedagogy, Helmut Schmidt University, Hamburg, Germany

Thesis on leadership and coaching coach in the learning organization

2016 - present - CEO & Researcher, Uranium Medical Research Institute (UMRI), UK Registered Charity Number 1165517, London / Washington US / Hamburg

09/2008 - MSc Medical Physics UCL, London

07/2001 - Teaching Degrees / Electronics, Engineering /Pedagogy/English / Social Science - Politics

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