Karel Lemhert

Czech Republic

Mr. Karel Lemhert Ph.D.

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Head of CBRNe Forensic Sampling Laboratory – VAKOS XT

Curriculum Vitae

Karel Lehmert has started with bioterrorism prevention practicing on „anthrax letters“ and agriterrorism in 2002, than shifted to biological weapons prohibition being one of first ever national BTWC inspectors. He had closely cooperated with EU DG JLS/Home on CBRNe preparedness and as biosecurity expert for UN ISU BTWC. Later he took part in development of INTERPOL Bioterrorism Prevention Curriculum and worked for INTERPOL Bioterrorism Prevention Unit as scientific expert.

Now he is head of the CBRNe Forensic Sampling Laboratory for law enforcement which he raised and led through accreditation process. The laboratory focuses on special forensic projects in contaminated environment in cooperation with national drug enforcement agencies, criminal service and customs. Also works as consultant for various governmental and business subjects. Having Ph.D. in epizootology and infectious diseases, he occasionally leads various university courses and other trainings.

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