Michael Kriewitz


Mr Michael Kriewitz

Future Forces Forum Výstava Future Forces 2018

Head of Sales Soldier & Network Solutions
LOM PRAHA (Rheinmetall)


The Use of Open Standards within Live Simulation in National & International Exercises

Due to the history starting in the early 1970th the procurement of Live Simulation equipment was driven by national requirements - in the US to allow for more objective tactical engagement evaluation in large scale exercises, in Europe to close the gap for less expensive and safe gunnery training. In those years “interoperability” between different Live Simulation systems was focused on a pure national view only.

With the progress of the European Union and the change from national to a European view of shared Defence efforts the need to operate and fight and train together has significantly increased. To be successful the co-operation of multinational forces requires realistic training in a real environment with real constraints. While the different nations already train their soldiers in their own Combat Training Centers it is more complicated to do this with multinational forces heaving each their specific national Live Simulation equipment.

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