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Ing. Daniel Vilím

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Vedoucí technologického oddělení


 AMAYA – Multipurpose Drinking Water Treatment Technology

This technology for drinking water production is a technology based on the principle of a ceramic membrane filtration with a pre-coagulation step and it has a fully automated operation. The nominal size of the ceramic membrane pores is 0.1 microns. This single-stage membrane filtration system is a reliable barrier method for removing of organic matter, turbidity, color, microorganisms or other pollutants. The source of raw water for this technology is surface water, even those that are often very polluted. The company currently has two units (AMAYA 5.1 and AMAYA 5.2) with a maximum capacity 5 m3/hr. These units are characterized by high chemical resistance, mechanical robustness, low power consumption (0.1 kWh/m3), low self-consumption of washing water (0.5 – 1 % of produced water) and long-term lifetime of facilities. The applications of this technology are very diverse. For example it is an emergency supply of drinking water in a crisis situation as part of an integrated rescue system, expeditious supply of drinking water as part of humanitarian, development and military operations, ensuring of drinking water supply for sports and cultural events, a permanent supply of drinking water for villages and town suburbs using unsuitable local sources, local treatment of drinking water for small factories, hospitals, hotels and holiday resorts etc. The purpose of the presentation is to share basic information, results and experience with this technology.

Curriculum Vitae


1997 - 2004, Institute of Chemical Technology Prague, Faculty of Environmental Technology, Department of Power Engineering, academic title M.Sc.
Secondary school:
1990 - 1997, Grammar school Soběslav
Field of study: general
Primary school:
1986 – 1990, Primary school Komenského Soběslav


April 2005 – till today, ENVI-PUR Ltd.,
1. Head of Technology Department (waste water treatment and water treatment) – from January 2011 till today
2. Technologist (waste water treatment and water treatment) – till December 2010

Job tasks: leading a team of 9 people, development of technological applications, technological consulting, commercial implementation of technologies (technological designs, preliminary offers, optimization of solutions, realizations, commissioning, operation), operation optimization of existing plants.

January 2005 – March 2005, SITA Inc.
Position: Advisor for ecology
Job tasks: ecological advisory, disposal of solid and liquid wastes for costumers

Language skills:
Czech language - native
English language – fluently (reading, writing, speaking, translating)
German language - basic
Russian language – intermediate

Computer skills - user:
Microsoft PowerPoint - advanced
Microsoft Excel - advanced
Microsoft Word - advanced
MS Windows - advanced
Internet – advanced
Microsoft Outlook - advanced

Driver's license:
A,B category (motorcycle and car); driven approx. 300 000 km

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