Tim Quinn

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Mr. Tim Quinn

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Product Specialist
W.L. Gore & Assoicates, Inc.


Next Generation Flame Protective Rainwear and Insulating Garments.  Field Proven, Battle Tested.  GORE protective fabrics play a vital role in the development of Personal Protective Equipment for warfighters.

For over 40 years, W.L. Gore & Assoicates, Inc. has specialized in the development of high-performance and innovative protective apparel, footwear, gloves and sleep systems that are used in harsh and demanding environments routinely encountered by militaries throughout the world.  Gore’s experience includes the development and commercial supply of materials with leading-edge technology for protection against environmental, flame, and chemical/biological threats.  One of Gore’s latest state-of-art developments is GORE® PYRAD® fabric technology.  PYRAD provides an added dimension to warfighter protection by providing burn protection in garments without needing inherent FR textiles.  Fabrics made with PYRAD provide burn protection to the user while still maintaining the comfort and environmental protection of traditional rainwear and insulating garments.

Curriculum Vitae

Mr. Timothy Quinn studied Chemical Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University in the United States of America, receiving his Bachelors of Science (BS) in 2000.

After leaving university, Mr. Quinn joined W.L. Gore and Associates, Inc. in 2001.   Mr. Quinn has spent 17 years working on the development and management of military protective fabric products.  His breadth of global experience includes working with fabric products that provide environmental protection, chemical-biological threat protection, and flame protection.  Tim Quinn is now a Product Specialist for Gore’s global military fabric products that provide military personnel with burn protection.

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