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LTC Angelo Montinaro

Future Forces Forum Logistics Capability Conference (LCC) 2018 Výstava Future Forces 2018

ITAF General Staff


Smart Defence NATO Project “Deployable Air Activation Modules” (DAAM) – Multinational Cooperation in Deployed Air Logistics

The capability to perform Deployed Air Operations relies greatly on the capability to provide Combat Service Support (CSS) to the Deployed Air Assets, enabling them to operate. However, not all NATO Countries are able to set up and support a fully-fledged Deployed Operations Base (DOB).

Consequently, NATO has started Smart Defense Initiative (SDI) Project 1.16 “DAAM”, envisaging the set up and operation of a DOB through Multinational CSS Modules, provided by different Participating Nations. This Pooling of Assets can bring to the creation of a “Tool Box”, allowing also Countries unable to project a full DOB to participate in the CSS to future Deployed Air Operations, by providing entire or partial CSS Modules. DAAM is therefore a budgetless aggregation paradigm, better organizing already existing assets.

After the definition of the individual Nations’ CSS Assets, their Training & Integration (T&I) will be necessary step forward, to be established by a DAAM Working Group, led by ITA, as that Project’s Lead Nation.

Specific Multinational CSS Exercises, Trials and Training Events are required for full T&I of the Modules, or Module components (personnel and assets).

Curriculum Vitae

Born in Gorizia (ITA) on 17 December 1966
Joined the Italian Air Force in 1986 in “Falco IV” Academy Class
Graduated 2nd Lieutenant in September 1989
Assigned to the Telecommunications Direction of the II Air Region HQ in Rome from 1991 to 1996.
Assigned to the CIS Service of the 51° Wing in Istrana from 1996 to 2003.
Employed in 2° ROA in Pristina Airport (KOS) as Chief of Staff in 2002.
Assigned to the NATO Eurofighter Tornado Management Agency (NETMA) in Munich (GER) from 2003 to 2006.
Assigned to the “EU OHQ Division” of ITA JOHQ in Rome, as Chief of Section “CIS EU”, from 2006 to 2008.
Assigned to the “Armaments Policy” Branch of the National Defense Secretariat / National Armament Directorate in Rome, as Chief Section “Relations with the EU Commission” from 2008 to 2011.
Assigned to European Air Group in High Wycombe (UK), as “Area Director Logistics”, from 2011 to 2015.
Assigned to the Logistics Department of ITAF General Staff in Rome, as Chief Section “Operational Logistics” in August 2015.
Study degrees:
Classic High School 1981-1985
Degree in Aeronautical Sciences in ITAF Academy
Master in “International Military-Strategic Studies” in ITA Joint Staff College

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