František Šopko

Czech Republic

Dr. František Šopko

Future Forces Forum Geospatial, Hydrometeorological and GNSS Conference (GEOMETOC) 2018 Future Forces Exhibition 2018

Czech Hydrometeorological Institute


News at Integrated Warning Service System (IWSS) for dangerous weather and floods

Warnings for severe weather phenomena including flood phenomena are issued by Czech Hydrometeorological Institute since the year 2000. Warnings are issued in agreement with philosophy of Meteoalarm, European warning system, and they are displayed at Meteoalarm website ( This year, a new version of IWSS was put into operation. Warnings are issued using the Alert Editor application of the Visual Weather software. The application was developed by IBL software Engineering in cooperation with CHMI.

New warning websites enable better visualization of warnings for the public and other users. Warnings are now issued at the CAP protocol (Common Alerting Protocol) according to a recommendation of World Meteorological Organisation. The main advantage of this protocol is a possibility to make outputs according to the user’s needs and possibility of technological processing of information.

Curriculum Vitae

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University in Prague
Date:From (month/year), To (month/year)
From 09/1980
To 06/1985
Degree: RNDr.
Grammar School of Jan Neruda, Hellichova 3, Prague nr. 1
From (month/year)
To (month/year)
From 09/1976
To 06/1980
Employment and professional experience:
Date: From (month/year) To (month/year)
From 4/2003 till now
Czech Hydrometeorological Institution
Head of meteorological forecasts dept.
Characterization of work
Head of department, issuing of forecasts, warnings and meteorological information for various users (state offices, commercial users, media, public)
Date: From (month/year) To (month/year)
From 10/1986 to 3/2003
Czech Hydrometeorological Institution
Characterization of work
Analyses of synoptic maps, issuing of forecasts and other meteorological information for various users
Publications: articles to “Meteorological Bulletin” of Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, analysis of danger weather situations (heavy rain, thunderstorms, floods…).

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