Ir. M.D.E. (Marcel) van Der Lee


Mr. Ir. M.D.E. (Marcel) van Der Lee

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Acting Chairman NATO LCG DSS / C4I&A WG
NATO LCG DSS Working Group


NATO Land Capability Group - Dismouted Soldier Systems (LCG DSS) C4I&A WG

The NATO/NAAG/LCGDSS C4I and Systems Architecture Working Group is responsible for identifying and maintaining interoperability between soldier systems and between soldier systems and tactical vehicles. These interfaces include plugs, connectors and electrical and data exchange protocols. The group is also responsible for issues related to digitization and the ability to transfer battlefield information between soldiers and dismounted operations of nations.

The working group is responsible for STANAG 4677 which provides direct information exchange at coalition lower tactical levels. Furthermore, the working group is tasked to produce a Reference Architecture for soldier systems.


Marcel van der Lee is working at TNO Defence Research in The Netherlands in the field of soldier systems and acts as deputy chairman of the NATO/NAAG/LCGDSS C4I and Systems Architecture Working Group.

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