Tomáš Dropa

Czech Republic

Mr. Tomáš Dropa MSc

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Exhibition 2018

National Institute for NBC Protection


Examination of Forensic Evidence Contaminated by CBRNE

POSTER: Forensic science laboratories carry out laboratory examination of evidence collected at the crime scene. They employ themselves by analysis of number of various objects starting from invisible stuff to large pieces of industrial equipment. Sometimes, the submitted objects can contain and/or can be contaminated by highly dangerous substances. Especially, the presence of CBRN compounds at the crime scene is a serious restriction, threatening police investigators involved.

The aim of the paper is to introduce cooperation between specialists of Institute of Criminalistics and National Institute for NBC Protection during investigation of contaminated objects. Authors of the contribution focused not only on detailed description of forensic investigation modified with respect to CBRN contamination at the crime scene; they also describe an optimal work-flow procedures applied for fingerprint and/or DNA identification and traces treatment performance provided inside special premises of the National Institute for NBC Protection.


Mr. Martin URBAN - National Institute for NBC Protection, Mr. Petr HLAVÍN - Institute of Criminalistics Prague, Mr. Pavel KOLÁŘ - Institute of Criminalistics Prague



Curriculum Vitae

Analyst/researcher: chemical weapons detection; development and application of analytical/sampling/decontamination methods; testing of protective means & equipment; applied research & development (protective materials, equipment); leading of educational and training courses (national & international, OPCW state parties)

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