Ronald C. Arkin

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Prof. Ronald C. Arkin

Future Forces Forum Multi-domain Advanced Robotic Systems (MARS) Conference 2018 Výstava Future Forces 2018

Regents Professor & Director of the Mobile Robot Laboratory, Associate Dean for Research & Space Planning, College of Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology


Multi-domain Integrative Architectures for multirobot teams: Land, Sea, Air and now Subterranean

Over the past two decades, research at the Georgia Tech Mobile Root Laboratory has focused on developing a software architecture designed for use in controlling multiple autonomous robotic platforms.  This formal usability tested system, MissionLab, developed under extensive DoD funding, has been applied to a broad range of mission scenarios on the air, sea, and ground. We are now extending this work as part of a DARPA funded team, (with CSIRO and Emesent),  for the DARPA Subterranean challenge involving tunnels, urban settings, and caves. This presentation reviews and overviews the MissionLab mission specification system, and its suite of tools, that provides simple graphical mission design, machine learning including case-based reasoning, dynamic task allocation, and heterogeneous control of multirobot systems including legacy architectures from both academia and industry.

Curriculum Vitae

Ronald C. Arkin is Regents' Professor and Associate Dean for Research in the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. He served as STINT visiting Professor at KTH in Stockholm, Sabbatical Chair at the Sony IDL in Tokyo, and in the Robotics and AI Group at LAAS/CNRS in Toulouse. Dr. Arkin's research interests include behavior-based control and action-oriented perception for mobile robots and UAVs, deliberative/reactive architectures, robot survivability, multiagent robotics, biorobotics, human-robot interaction, robot ethics, and learning in autonomous systems. Prof. Arkin served on the Board of Governors of the IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology, the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) AdCom, and is a founding co-chair of IEEE RAS Technical Committee on Robot Ethics. He is a Distinguished Lecturer for the IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology and a Fellow of the IEEE.

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