Jan Matula


pplk. Jan Matula

Future Forces Forum Geospatial, Hydrometeorological and GNSS Conference (GEOMETOC) 2018 Výstava Future Forces 2018

Vice-chairman GEO Session
Vojenský geografický a hydrometeorologický úřad (VGHMÚř)

Curriculum Vitae

1995–2000 Military Academy in Brno, Geodesy and Cartography

2000–2005 Officer of the Geodetic Support Department,

2006 Geodetic Course in USA,

2006–2008 Chief of the Special Geography Department,

2008 Senior Officer of the GNSS Department,

2008-2011 Senior Officer of the Geospatial Support Section at MNC NE HQ in Poland,

2010 Chief Geo at IJC HQ in Afghanistan,

2011–2013 Chief of the GNSS Department,

2013 Chief Geo at KFOR HQ in Kosovo,

2014–now Standardization Coordinator

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