Antonín Rada

Czech Republic

Mr. Antonín Rada

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Exhibition 2018

Deputy Minister – Head of the Supervision and Inspection Division
Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information: Date of birth: 22 February 1966 Place of Birth: Hustopece Marital status: married Education and Training: 1984 - 1988 Military Technical College Liptovsky Mikulas Automated Command Systems Specialisation 1980 – 1984 Military Electro-Radiation High School Liptovsky Mikulas Specialised Course: Specialised Military Police and Police of the Czech Republic Course Carrier history: January 2015 – present Ministry of Defence - Head of the Supervision and Inspection Division December 2014 Ministry of Defence - Inspectorate of the Defence Minister - General Inspector – Director 2011 – 2013 Office of the Government of the Czech Republic – Section to Coordinate the Struggle Against Corruption 2010 – 2011 Ministry of Transport – Audit and Supervision Department 1991 – 2009 Military Police 1997 – 1998 SFOR mission 2000 – 2009 Chief of the Special Department 1988 – 1991 Technical staff at Air Defence units Decorations and Awards: Medal of the Czech Armed Forces – Grades III, II, I Cross of Merits of the Defence Minister - Grade III Honorary Badge of the Czech Armed Forces of the King Premysl Otakar II Military Police Medal Military Intelligence Medal – Medal of Brigadier General František Moravec Inspectorate of the Defence Minister Medal Medal for Service Abroad Hobbies: travelling, tennis, skiing

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