Torstein Espolin Johnson


Torstein Espolin Johnson

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Chairman NATO LCG/DSS/SCAG Soldier Capabilities Analysis Subgroup
Norwegian Army

Curriculum Vitae

Born in Tønsberg Norway, Maj Johnson joined the Norwegian Forces in 1986. He has served in several Norwegian infantry units in various locations, as well as the staff of 6th Division and the staff of KMNB/ISAF Afghanistan. He has command up till company level. He has a graduate of the Military Academy Oslo and Command and Staff College Oslo. He is currently posting with the Army Land Warfare Centre/ School of Manoeuvre at Østerdalen.  As Material development manager, his 5-man section is responsible for the Army operational requirements and R&D initiation in the areas of Dismounted Soldier System and Land capabilities. For the last 10 years, he has been working with the Norwegian modernisation program, NORMANS. Maj Johnson has been involved in NATO Solider System activities since 2005.  He is and has been Norway’s HOD for NAAG/LCG on Dismounted Soldier Systems since 2005. Since 2007, Maj Johnson has been deputy in the LCG DSS subgroup Soldier Capability Analysis Group (SCAG). He has chaired the group from fall 2014.

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