Ladislava Navrátilová

Fire Rescue Corps CBRN, Medical & Rescue Service Czech Republic

LTC Ladislava Navrátilová Ph.D.

Future Forces Forum World CBRN & MEDICAL Congress (CEBIRAM) 2018 Future Forces Exhibition 2018

Population Protection Institute
General Directorate of Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic

Curriculum Vitae

Ladislava Navratilova currently works in the Population Protection Institute, which is a part of the General Directorate of Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic (GD FRS CR), Ministry of Interior. Ladislava graduated in 1988 from University of Pardubice, Czech Republic with a degree in chemistry and she received Doctor of Philosophy with doctoral thesis named „Protection of population in case of chemical incidents“ in 2012 at University of Defence in Brno, Czech Republic. She joined Population Protection Institute (PPI) in 2004, where she has been working as a scientist and a chemical expert in Chemical Department. Her work is divided among education of first responders, applied research, specialised intervention in the field and laboratory analysis. She is a metrologist of GD FRS CR, responsible for quality management system in a chemical laboratory. Ladislava is also a member of Hazmat response team, responsible for fast identification of unknown chemical substances (taking samples, detection and identification). One of her main responsibilities is to organize specialised international chemical courses. She is a commander and an instructor of Czech OPCW courses „Advanced Training Course in Civil Defence against Chemical Weapons“ and „Assistance and Protection Course for Instructors“. Ladislava participated many OPCW courses, among others she passed 4-degree OPCW training cycle in Switzerland, Spiez. Ladislava currently acts as a civil NATO expert of the „Civil Protection Group“ in the area of „Chemical expertise – detection, identification, monitoring, warning and reporting“. She is also an expert member of „NATO CBRN Minimum Standards and Non-Binding Guidelines Working Group“. She works as a coordinator of NATO CBRN courses, she educates participants within NATO CBRN First Responders Trainers Courses, that were held in the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Germany, Kuwait etc.

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