L.M. (Luc) de Beer


Mr. L.M. (Luc) de Beer BEng, IPMA B

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Projectleader VOSS (improVed Operational Soldier System)
Directorate of Projects and Procurement / Project Branch, Defence Materiel Organization, Ministry of Defence

Curriculum Vitae

Luc de Beer, 53 years old, living in The Hague near one of the lovely Dutch beaches, proud father of two young adults (one still a student, the other one already having a profession).
Project manager for the Dutch soldier system program called VOSS (Improved Operational Soldier System). Luc guided the project along all its stages form initiation (2006) up/to realization (currently). The overall project and some stages in particular have been quite difficult due to the number of end user organizations involved in the NL MOD, the broad range of various technology, the state-of-the-art ambition, the fact that this has never been done before, the unpredictability of the outcome. For this the program can be considered complex and challenging.
The main element of the VOSS is the ‘Smart Vest’ system, an integral soldier system composing of several types of vests, back packs, ballistic protection, a fully digital radio (PNR1000), digital assistants, energy supply system, vehicle integration as well as a gateway towards Dutch C2 systems like the Bowman (origin GD UK). As the NL MOD is conducting as single contracting nation on behalf of the three Benelux countries (Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg) for the Smart Vest contract, Luc is also in charge of this international program. The Smart Vest contract has been awarded in 2015 to Elbit Systems from Israel, being system integrator as well as radio supplier, having Thales Netherlands as its main subcontractor. For the NL MOD, the contract consists of a range of pre series as well as a series of 5500 systems.
Besides the Smart Vest, VOSS also contains the development and realization of the E-Lighter, a man-portable generator running on fuel.
After Grammar school and serving the Army for a year, Luc studied motor vehicle technology resulting in a technical degree and still follows evolution of technology in this area with interest.
Luc joined the NL MOD in the early nineties and conducted a number of large projects in the area of artillery, energy supply, shelters, mobile communications and personal gear. Besides being a project manager at the NL MOD, Luc is a certified project manager at IPMA B level since 2004 and has been assessor on behalf of the Dutch authority according to the IPMA (International Project Management Association) standard for more than a decade.
In his spare time, Luc likes to spent his holidays outdoor together with his family and enjoys culture all over the world.

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