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SCADA Security konference

4-5 November 2019
hotel DAP, Prague, Czech Republic

Dear Madam / Dear Sir,

We cordially invite all interested parties to participate in the two-day international SCADA Security Conference, organized on November 4 - 5, 2019
at the DAP Hotel in Prague.

We offer a unique opportunity to get expert insights into current cyber security trends, data protection, critical and industrial systems and smart cities and cars. Ability to learn more about cyber security in mobile systems, population protection, and current threats and solutions to prevent cyber attacks on critical information and communication systems. One of the conference sections is devoted to the educational process and the issue of working with people and training of specialized security teams.

The conference focuses mainly on middle and senior management of manufacturing, processing and distribution industries, manufacturers of advanced information and communication technologies and secure industrial control systems. It is furthermore focused on professionals managing and protecting critical infrastructure, public sector representatives, security and armed forces, and academia.

The conference program guarantees a high level of lectures, including examples of practical solutions.

The conference will focus on the following topics:

  • Current and future cyber threats and their solution
  • New trends in technology in the ICS security
  • Connected world, Mobility and the Internet of things
  • Human factor and related topics
  • Public safety in smart cities
  • GDPR in environment of the smart cars

Simultaneous interpreting into Czech / English is provided.

On our website you will find information on why to join and take part in the unique SCADA Security Conference in Central Europe and how to register.

Participation in the conference is subject to a fee. For questions please contact the organizers.

The conference organizers, its partners, expert guarantors and speaker guests are looking forward to meeting you!

Team SCADA Security Conference

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