Jan Hajný

Czech Republic

Assoc. Prof. Jan Hajný

Future Forces Forum Future of Cyber Conference - Live Hacking Zone 2018 BIOMETRICS CONFERENCE Future Forces Exhibition 2018

Advanced Cybersecurity
Brno University of Technology


Modern Cryptography and Digital Identity Protection

The presentation deals with the modern cryptographic methods for digital identity verification and their implementation aspects. We will cover the standard methods of authentication (password-based, signature-based), as well as novel methods with strong privacy protection (anonymous credentials). We will show examples of cryptographic protocols and discuss their strengths and weaknesses.

Curriculum Vitae

Jan Hajný works as an associate professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication at Brno University of Technology. He is the head of the Advanced Cybersecurity group, member of the faculty’s Scientific Committee and the person responsible for the Information Security study programs. The scientific activities of prof. Hajny include research into modern cryptography and privacy protection. Prof. Hajny is the principal investigator of many projects, including Czech grants (GAČR, TAČR) and international projects (Horizon 2020). He is also active in the contractual research for major Czech companies.

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