Jakub Řídel

Czech Republic

Mr. Jakub Řídel

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Senior Consultant


Security aspects of emerging blockchain technologies

New principles implemented in the emerging blockchain technologies are about to disrupt many areas of human activities where achieving common understanding of a shared reality between untrusted parties is important. Blockchain technologies allow achieving such consensus without intermediaries and therefore bring higher level of trust, lower costs and faster resolution time. While blockchain approach has unparalleled ability to solve consensus-related issues and therefore mitigate consensus-related risk, it also brings new types of threats and risks. We will show specific examples of past blockchain attacks to demonstrate the different inherent types of blockchain-specific risks. Overview of the current state of specific blockchain technologies and their risk will show how the risk mitigation strategy for blockchain solutions should be constructed. In the last part we will give outlook for future development and expected maturation of blockchain solutions in order to evaluate real-world use cases of blockchain technologies.

Curriculum Vitae

Jakub Řídel is a senior consultant at Deloitte Cyber Risk Team where he focuses on cyber security issues. He is a technical expert for blockchain technology at Deloitte Czech Republic.

Jakub has many years of experience in the design, analysis, implementation and operation of information systems with an emphasis on their security. As project manager in information technology and cyber security projects he has a vast experience in performing security analyzes and designing security strategies. He has extensive experience in blockchain where he focuses primarily on new technologies, solution design and PoC development.

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