Jakub Tikovský

Czech Republic

Mr. Jakub Tikovský

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Systems Engineer HPE
Aruba Networks


ARUBA IntroSpect or what firewall does not catch and SIEM is not able to evaluate

Advanced network attacks focus on your sensitive data and unfortunately the attackers are always one step ahead. Imagine a person with appropriate credentials and rights who consciously or inadvertently downloads sensitive data from internal systems and then proceeds to misuse or exfiltrate it. The firewall has little chance to capture such behavior. SIEM may be better positioned, but with static rules implemented within it, it often suffers from false alarms. And before the event is caught and analyzed, the attack may well be over. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning of ARUBA IntroSpect will take care of the rules through self-learning, predictive models and thus help your security staff to analyze and respond to alarms in the order of minutes compared to the usual days or weeks.

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