Avi Rose


Mr. Avi Rose

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Director vHSM Business Development EMEA in UNBOUND


Biometrics protecting privacy

Curriculum Vitae

Coming form an Engineering degree in Electronic and Computer Science, Avi has over 20 years of experience in the business side of security, spending few years in CheckPoint and DocuSign and a variety of top notch Israeli startups, with specialty of PKI and Encryption solutions of all kinds. Avi leads today the EMEA activities within UNBOUND, which comes to change the rules of the game in the Security world.

Based on cryptographic breakthroughs that draw strength from math (not matter), Unbound eliminates the single point of compromise providing a secure path for digital innovation. Unbound allows customers all over the world to work with secrets without ever exposing them, ensuring that the most precious digital assets are safe – anytime, anywhere.

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