Nick Copeland

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Nick Copeland

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Regional Senior Systems Engineer
Fidelis CyberSecurity


Network Forensics – Fidelis approach in live demo show

Fidelis Network solutions provide forensics and analytics of traffic patterns monitored on selected locations inside an organisation. The goal of the meeting is to present the offering at a high level and demonstrate the tools and techniques to investigate network events.

Curriculum Vitae

Resident engineer at Fidelis for 9 years, following them through DLP, Cybersecurity, Endpoint and Next Generation IPS. Nick has worked on a wide range of deployments and solutions of the product including pre-sales, post-sales, installation, customisation and occasional engagements as Network SME for Incident Response.

Previous experience includes over 26 years in the networking arena and Unix systems administration, covering switch, router, firewall, IPS, load balancing and currently with APT solutions. Nick holds a BSc hons in Computer Systems and Microelectronics from Queen Mary College, University of London.

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