Radim Kudla

Czech Republic

Mr. Radim Kudla

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Head of Consulting and Support


Revolution in Accuracy and Speed of Voice Biometrics

How will the new generation of Speaker Identification technology based exclusively on deep neural networks affect the hardware resources’ efficiency, accuracy and speed? 

Curriculum Vitae

Speech technologies deployment expert at Phonexia. Radim is Head of Consulting and Support team and Project Manager for special projects at Phonexia. He has gained extensive knowledge of IT solutions architecture and topology, audio processing, speech analytics and voice biometrics deployments, business strategies and subsidy consulting services throughout his career. Radim participated in several research and development IT projects co-financed by European Commission or national funding.

Academic Degree Reached:        

Ing. [MS] in Management and Economics of Corporation at Brno University of Technology, 2004

Ing. [MS] in Electro-Technical Manufacturing and Management at Brno University of Technology, 2002

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