Jan Seidl

Czech Republic

Mr. Jan Seidl

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Senior Manager, Cyber Security and Risk Advisory


Security aspects of emerging blockchain technologies; Evolving role of cyber defence

Evolving role of cyber defence

The future of information security is tightly connected to the future of information technology itself with its coming innovations that may radically change the existing security approaches and habits. Current trends in the field of cybersecurity will be mentioned as well as a present prediction what the future of the field would be. Necessity of knowing all current attack vectors may not be enough, you have to be one step ahead of attackers, so be ready for when it arrives and do not be the victim of coming future. The role of cyber defense will become even larger.

Curriculum Vitae

Jan Seidl is a senior manager in Risk Advisory team and is responsible for technical part in protection of classified information, Red Team Operations and is also technical representative of Blockchain technology for Deloitte Czech Republic.

Jan is a technical expert with experience in designing, analysing and implementing security architectures for information systems, including proprietary secure protocols and systems. He has outstanding skills in cryptography. He has also skills in the field of Red Team Operations including hacking technical techniques and also physical penetration/social engineering experience. While leading in the technology and security area he has an overlap with the security processes and standards (ISO27001/27002) with hands-on experience.

Additionally he holds the “TOP SECRET” level security clearance from the Czech National Security Authority and he belongs to the first experts with hands-on experience on post-quantum cryptography.

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