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Prof. Bernhard Esslinger

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University of Siegen


BIOMETRICS Conference: Security Challenges in Organizations and Future Trends in Crypto;

SCD Workshop: CrypTool – A Wide-Spread and Free Program to Help Raising Crypto Awareness and Understanding

BIOMETRICS Conference abctract by Prof. Bernhard Esslinger
The first part of this talk is about security challenges in organizations. Today, many organizations are forced by law to establish a rigorous risk management. Topics of this talk are not only the common lists of these regulations, but also flaws often overlooked where the organizations didn’t do their homework well and where they could have saved a lot of later costs by a clear and assertive planning. Here we focus on technical and architectural topics rather than information security management or the European General Data Protection Regulation. The second part is about future trends in cryptography and cryptanalysis. We focus not only on things which fill the press (like blockchain, quantum computers, quantum cryptography, and cloud security), but also on things which have a broad effect on critical infrastructures, industry 4.0, digitalization, and IoT if done well (modular protocols, agile development and delivery, awareness and understanding).
Smart Cyber Defence Workshop by Prof. Bernhard Esslinger
The open-source project CrypTool ( was founded in 1998. CrypTool offers the world’s most widespread, free e-learning programs for cryptography and cryptanalysis with contributions from various universities and volunteers from all over the world.
It’s used both in schools and universities as well as in agencies and companies to help people understand classic and modern cryptology, and gain their own experiences. It was successfully used for self-learning as well as in guided courses for applied security and in modern awareness training.
In this workshop you discover how to do your own encryption, applying old and modern ciphers. You learn how important it is to understand the background and concepts like good randomness when generating keys. After that – as a developer – you will for example not use wrong block modi or weak keys any more. And as a user – you will get to know which asymmetric key to send to your email partner and you will no longer delete your own, expired asymmetric keys. Besides that, you get an idea how modern post-quantum methods look like or how fast password searchers run, and why you should insist on state-of-the-art data handling at the side of your business partners.
The workshop is for both, normal people and experienced cryptographers – you can just use the graphical user interface or you can dig much deeper.
Please bring your own laptop to the workshop, and download & install at least one of the following three programs in advance:
• CrypTool 1 ( ; one of 6 languages; for Windows),
• CrypTool 2 ( ; take the newest Nightly Build in one of 2 languages; for Windows), or
• JavaCrypTool ( ; take the newest Weekly Build in one of 2 languages and for one of 3 operating systems).
The workshop will use CrypTool 2 for its exercises. The workshop material can be found here and here

Curriculum Vitae

Bernhard Esslinger is a professor at the university of Siegen (Germany) for IT security and cryptology.
Until 2013, he worked for Deutsche Bank as global head of IT security within the corporate center, and as head of the competence center for cryptography. Until 1998, he worked in various functions at SAP in Germany and the U.S. There, he lead the development department for all security parts of the R/3 system and served as Chief Security Officer (CISO) of SAP world-wide.
Bernhard was a speaker at various international conferences. He is founder and head of the open-source project CrypTool, delivering programs about cryptology and IT security awareness ( CrypTool is the world’s most widespread, free e-learning tool for cryptography and cryptanalysis, to which universities and volunteers from all over the world contribute. Besides that, Bernhard is also active in further non-profit open-source projects, and works as independent IT security consultant.

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