Roman Cinkais

Czech Republic

Mr. Roman Cinkais

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Director IT Consulting & QA
Diebold Nixdorf


Aspects of biometrics system; Biometrics protecting privacy



The concept of biometrics is now increasingly perceived as an authentication technology replacing or supplementing current authentication mechanisms using passwords or tokens. In the case of biometrics, besides the security of the information system, we should also think about the security and privacy of users who will use the biometric system. We should think about how we would like to use biometrics to achieve optimal performance parameters in the system. Since we have only one biometric identity which is in most cases very difficult (or not possible) replaceable, more attention needs to be paid to the security of biometric data users and their privacy. So what is the biometric system that protects our biometric data so we can trust its use? What should we require when choosing a biometric system and designing it? In order to properly implement biometric technology into practice, we should understand its functioning, know the risks and potential impacts on user privacy;

The presentation combines biometric technologies and the latest trends in cryptography and information security, multiparty computation (MPC). The combination creates a new range of secure applications to work with sensitive information like biometric templates and patterns to avoid identity compromise in case of security breach. MPC solution ensures secure distribution of information so that authentication is performed without revealing the sensitive inputs, protecting the privacy of users.

Curriculum Vitae

Roman Cinkais graduated at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the Charles University in Prague, where started to devote himself to mathematical methods of information security. In this respect, continued as an information security specialist. His main focus is the analysis of security requirements of information systems as well as the design of the measures and protections in the framework of new and existing systems and technologies. In addition to information security, he also dealt with algorithmic trading on capital markets.

He is currently working for Diebold Nixdorf as consulting leader and supervisor for technical quality assurance of solutions in the area of Central and Eastern Europe. His focus is on creating measures for information security, especially in public key technologies, multi-factor authentication, biometrics, and cryptographic key management. Roman is certified biometrics professional.

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