Jindřich Šavel

Czech Republic

Mr. Jindřich Šavel

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Sales Director


Visualisation of IT assets communications, integrated network management and controlled access to the network, as necessary parts in the strategy of cyber defence

Curriculum Vitae

Experienced manager from IT world. For over 27 years, he has been involved in design and delivery of IT infrastructure, application software, document management, process control systems. In recent years, he has been creating a corporate strategy and building a sales network of Czech technology company Novicom, both in the Czech Republic and abroad. When delivering efficient computer network management and security, he was able to get a detailed insight into how to ensure cyber security and a wide range of cyber-protection products on the market. In addition to Novicom's sales director, Jindřich Šavel is active in the Network Security Monitoring Cluster that brings together cyberprotection reseller manufacturers, consultants and vendors. Jindřich has personally participated in the creation of the Active Network Security concept and contributed to the creation of a Cyber Protection Training Program.

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