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Anthony T. Tu

United States of America

Prof. Dr. Anthony T. Tu

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Exhibition 2016

Emeritus Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Colorado State University


How to deal with Biological and Chemical Terrorism

The importance of preparation and defense against terrorism will be discussed based on actual cases of terrorism:  Matsumoto City, 1994; Tokyo subway,1995; anthrax terrorism case in the USA, 2001; and Halabja, Iraq,1988.

Preparation against biological and chemical (BC) terrorism is essential.  Discussion will include the importance of medical supplies, decontamination, on-site medical treatment, and detection.  Long-range preparation includes the need to establish a network of facilities, a distribution system for medical supplies, a manual for dealing with each BC agent, and preparation of new vaccines and antidotes.

Deterrence of potential future terrorism attacks include establishing new laws forbidding the possession and sale of dangerous compounds, microorganisms, and toxins and/or the registration of names and addresses for those who purchase such materials wherein such a prohibition of sale is not feasible.

Often in terrorism cases, the terrorists are often killed on the spot, however, it is more useful to capture them so that background information of the terrorist organization and its network can be obtained. This information is essential against future attacks.

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