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Jaroslav Ševčík

Czech Republic

COL(Ret.) Dr. Jaroslav Ševčík

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Exhibition 2016 CBRN Workshop 2016

Ministerial Councellor / CBRN Responsibility
Ministry of Defence


Some CZE Views and Experiences Related to CBRN Information Exchange and Cooperation Amongst Countries / Subjects

A sufficient flow and exchange of CBRN information and related issues (Medical, Intel, EOD, Cyber, etc.) are critical for an efficient WMD/CBRN Defence. Better  collaboration with civil organizations, entities, Partners‘,  and other coalition countries has become tangible evidence and commonly accepted approach to save and touch human assets (e.g. time, measures, money, persons, devices, tools etc.). Since incoming threats with hybrid features, cyber attacks, terrorism, etc. have already  affected both armed forces and civilians, former routines and stereotypes in WMD/CBRN Defence might be reasonably changed. Thus, the only way to counter both classical and emerging threats is to communicate and better interact, share information, pool capabilities, merge capacities and utilize all  available sources. CZE, as a small country with limited capacities and resources, has no other way but to streamline its concern in an innovative  effort.  Therefore CZE approach/views could be an inspiration or momentum towards countries and/or organizations how to tackle CBRN challenges in future. That is why own specific examples and outcomes are  used.

Curriculum Vitae

  1. Jaroslav Sevcik graduated at the Charles University Prague, Faculty of Physical Training and Sports in 1974.
  2. In 1984, he obtained his Pedagogical Doctor‘s Degree (PaedDr).
  3. In 1996 he went through Military Academy Course at the Defence University in Brno;
  4. In 2007 he attended Course of NATO Defence College in Rome, focused on international relations;  
  5. In 2009 he went through the EU Course with Security & Defence Issues Topic.


Currently Jaroslav Sevcik works at the CZE Ministry of Defence, Defence Policy and Strategy Division as a Ministerial Councellor with main responsibility for CBRN issues, including international cooperation. Nowadays he represents Czech MoD at the NATO CBRN Senior Committe on Proliferation (Defence Format). 


Last previous appointments:


  • From 2011 to 2014 Jaroslav Sevcik was a defence advisor to the EU/EDA in Brussels.


  • From 2004 to 2011 he was member of the Defence Policy and Strategy Division, in the Czech Republic Ministry of Defence in Prague.


  • Before this period he was appointed at various positions at the CZE MoD and General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces. He ended his military career as 
    a Colonel.

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