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Jaroslav Straka

Czech Republic

LTC (Ret.) Jaroslav Straka Dipl. Eng.

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Exhibition 2016 World CBRN & Medical Congress (CEBIRAM) 2016

Inspector Chemical Weapons Prohibition
State Office For Nucler Safety


Chemical Weapons Convention Implementation in the Czech Republic


Convention on the prohibition of the development, production, stockpiling and use of chemical weapons (the Convention) and on their destruction and its implementation in the Czech Republic.

Fundamental pillars of the Convention, basic definition, its implementation into the Legal Code of the Czech Republic, adopted legislature. Prohibition of the use of toxic chemicals for other than non prohibited purposes. Prohibition of the development of Chemical weapons based on other than Schedule 1 chemicals, specifics of the Riot Control agents and Incapacitating Chemical agents.

The role of the Czech National Authority in the implementation of the Convention in the Czech republic, national and International inspections in the Chemical industry. State parties obligations in a case of CW discovery.

Curriculum Vitae


1982-1984 Military Academy Brno, Faculty of NBC protection (Chemického vojska)

Postgraduate study oriente dat management of chemcial units in military operations

1971 – 1976 Military Academy Brno, Fakulty of chemistry, Field: Chemical engineering, weapons of mass destruction and protection against them.


2/2011 3- weeks Seminar on Trans-Atlantic Civil Security (STACS 11-2) at the Marchal Center for Security Studies

1/1998 -7/1998 OPCW, Training Course for OPCW inspectors

6/1997 -7/1997 Military Academy Brno English language course,

6/1991 -4/1992 MOD Conventional weapons  treaty, English language

Professional Experience:

2009 - now, the State Office for Nuclear Safety, inspector for the implementation of  the Chemical Weapons  Convention,

2/2008 – 1/2009 - OPCW, external expert CWMS

01/1998 -12/2007 Organisation for the prohibition of Chemical weapons, the Hague, the Netherlands (the OPCW), Post: Inspector P-4, Chemical weapons munition specialist

5/1992 – 12/1997 Disarmament Control Office, MOD CR, Field: Conventional disarmament , Post: Head of branch for CWC

Responsibilities: Inspections/escorts in accordance with various disarmament treaties, ratified by the Czechoslovakia and Czech Republic (totally 5 disarmament trieties, including the CWC)

8/1976 – 4/1992 Ministry of defence, Field: Protection against weapons of mass destruction (CBRN)

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