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Lászlo Fazekas

Medical & Rescue Service NATO Hungary

COL Dr. Lászlo Fazekas

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Exhibition 2016 World CBRN & Medical Congress (CEBIRAM) 2016

NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine


NATO MILMED COE Role in Medical Support Training

The NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine (NATO MILMED COE) is an international military organization with the mission to support and assist the Strategic Commands, other NATO bodies, nations, other civil and military bodies by supporting the transformation of the Alliance and thereby improving medical support to operations and to provide subject matter expertise in the following areas:

− Medical training and evaluation leading to certification (Training Branch)

− Medical Lessons Learned focusing on tactical aspects (Lessons Learned Branch)

− Standards development and custodianship (Interoperability Branch)

– Deployment related health surveillance (Deployment Health Surveillance Capability Branch)

Altogether, the COE aims to become the central hub of military-medical knowledge and the main link for the civilian medical disciplines that may benefit NATO. With a project portfolio distributed among the branches and ad-hoc project teams, the COE continues to target the most pressing issues of contemporary military medicine and it enjoys an excellent linkage with the senior decision-making body of NATO’s medical community, the Committee of the Chiefs of Medical Services in NATO (COMEDS) and its extensive Working Group and Expert Panel structure, for which the COE routinely delegates its own Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

The COE also engages in projects envisioned by such SMEs, most prominently in the multinational medical exercise series in NATO, the Vigorous Warrior (VW). The exercise series so far had 3 iterations and currently in the planning phase of the 2017 event. The exercise is a unique occasion to test major medical concepts, to collect lessons and observations, to offer unprecedented possibility for training in a truly multinational environment and to experiment with scenarios in a controlled setting. This allows the COE for example to take such lessons and observations from the previous iteration and validate them or the corrective/preventive actions resulted from them on the next occasion, providing an extraordinary possibility to feed the medical Lessons Learned process and the COE’s Knowledge Management (KM) system.

The presentation provides an overview of NATO MILMED COE’s individual, collective training activities its goals and areas for further development. The presentation includes description of NATO’s Medical Evaluation process and the MILMED COE’s strategic aim in it together with the VW exercise series with special emphasis on its next iteration with the current opportunities. Moreover, the MILMED COE Department Head on Medical Support role, its importance and the possible impact on national medical training facilities and activities will be briefed in detail.

Curriculum Vitae

Colonel Dr. Laszlo Fazekas performed his military studies as a student in 2nd Military High school Nyiregyhaza, Hungary in 1980. He was a cadet in Military Medical Academy Sanct-Petersburg, Russia from 1984 to 1991. After graduation from the army treatment course as a physician and officer his first assignment was as Commander for Medical Aid Station in 61st Support Battalion, 3rd Mechanized Corps, Hungarian Defence Forces (HDF) at Nyiregyhaza, Hungary. He assumed the position of chief medical officer for HDF 61st Vay Adam Logistic Regiment in1993. Colonel Dr. Fazekas served in Medical Branch of HDF HQ Land Force Command Szekesfehervar, Hungary as chief physician responsible for medical treatment in 2001. He served as Commander of Medical Centre (Brigade Surgeon) of HDF 5th Istvan Bocskai Mechanized Infantry Brigade in Debrecen, Hungary 2001-2005.

            Colonel Dr. Laszlo Fazekas started his first NATO assignment as current operations officer and Deputy Medical Adviser in J4 Medical Branch, NATO Joint Force Command HQ Naples, Italy 2005-2008. Upon his return to Hungary Colonel Dr. Fazekas was involved in the establishment of first the Hungarian Ministry of Defence Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine, which was in 2009 transferred and accredited/activated as NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine (NATO MILMED COE) as Training Branch Chief. In his function he enjoyed the challenge and privilege to establish a new level in NATO military medical training. Colonel Dr. Fazekas assumed the position of Deputy Director and Chief of Staff of the NATO MILMED COE in 2014. Keeping his training focus he performed duties of Officer Conducting the Exercise in NATO Multinational Medical Exercise “Vigorous Warrior 2015” and decided to make so in 2017 iteration, too.

            Colonel Dr. Fazekas was assigned to position of Director, NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine on 14 July 2016.

Colonel Fazekas’ operational deployments are one year assignment as Chief medical officer of Hungarian Engineer Contingent in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina in 2000, several short term deployments to Kosovo during 2005-2008 and nine months as Deputy MEDAD/Afghan Development officer in HQ Regional Command North, ISAF in 2013.

            Colonel Dr. Laszlo Fazekas graduated as a specialist general practitioner/family doctor 1997 from Debrecen University of Medicine after he completed his residency practice in several medical facilities of his county and the County Hospital in Nyiregyhaza. He holds an active membership and accreditation in the Hungarian Chamber of Physicians as a general practitioner specialist.

He is active member of the Association of Military and Disaster Medicine and the Hungarian Atlantic Council.

Colonel Fazekas’ badges and awards include Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of Officer Award, NATO Medals on missions SFOR (2), KFOR and ISAF.

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