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Tomáš Čoček

Czech Republic

Mr. Tomáš Čoček Dipl. Eng., Ph.D.

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Exhibition 2016 Military Advanced Robotic Systems (MARS) Conference 2016

1st Deputy Minister - State Secretary
Ministry of Transport


Drones - Opportunities and Challenges – Aviation Authority Perspective


Aviation authorities in the Czech Republic, EU and other countries alike are confronted with dynamic qualitative and quantitative development in the area of unmanned aircraft (drones). Extremely broad scope of drones – from miniature toys to sophisticated aircraft such as RQ-4 Global Hawk - represent great opportunities but at the same time big challenge for regulators.

Summary of issues:

Similarities and differences between operation of traditional aviation and drones are assessed and conclusions drawn. Need for balanced and innovative approach to regulation is advocated. Different values and interests at stake are identified and addressed. Experience of the Czech Republic concerning regulation of drones is summarized and assessed including its strong and weak points. Anticipated impact of the new emerging EU regulation for drones is evaluated and preferences and suggestions in this respect explained. A need to take into account interest of both civil and military/security domains and to interconnect them is addressed.


Recent trends end experience should be analyzed and concrete priorities and actions should be identified and taken in order to balance needs of industry, operators and state agencies on the one hand and safety, security and privacy issues on the other hand. Various instruments should be taken into consideration.

Curriculum Vitae

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