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Karel Brázdil

Czech Republic

COL (Ret.) Karel Brázdil Ph.D.

Future Forces Forum Future Forces Exhibition 2018

Land Survey Office


Civil-military Cooperation in Geospatial Information in the Czech Republic

The presentation aims to inform about civil – military cooperation in geospatial information in the Czech Republic. There are two public bodies responsible for the maintenance of geospatial information and products in the Czech Republic. Firstly, there is the national mapping agency – the Land Survey Office – which is responsible for the collection and maintenance of fundamental geospatial information for state public authorities. Secondly, there is the Military Geographic and Hydrometeorologic Office that is reponsible for the maintenance and production of geospatial and cartographic products dedicated to defence and crisis management. Both organisations cooperate within the whole range of geospatial business (geodesy, remote sensing and photogrammetry, GIS).

Curriculum Vitae


1980 – 1985: Military University in Brno, geodesy and cartography,

1981 – 1985: Military University in Brno, automation of computer aid management systems

1989 – 1994: Military University in Brno, geodesy and cartography, CSc. (PhD)   

Doctoral thesis:  Generalisation of Topographic Maps scaled 1 : 25 000 and 1 : 50 000


Professional Experience:

1985 ­– 1986: topographic practice in Military Topographic Institute

1986 – 1992: scientific/development worker in Military Research Centrum

1992 – 1995: chief of Geoinformation Department in Military Topographic Institute

1995 – 1999: depudy chief of Military Topographic Institute responsible for education management and development of institute

1999 – 2000: deputy chief of Military Geographic Service of Czech Defence Forces

2000 – 2003: director of Military Topographic Institute

2003 – 2005: director of Military Geographic and Hydrometeorologic Office

2006 ­– 2013: chief of department in Land Survey Office (civil public organization)

2014 – till: director of Land Survey Office 

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